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AV rentals in Greensboro by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on October 01, 2015

AV rentals in Greensboro

One of our best local meeting venues was back in action with our AV rentals in Greensboro at the Greensboro Marriott. Our presentation technology team was glad to provide rentals and technicians for the recent Guilford Child Development Luncheon in Greensboro, NC near our corporate hometown, Winston-Salem, NC.

AV Connections, Inc.'s President and CEO Brad Luckhart was pleased to receive this kind note from our meeting client on this day. We are always actively pursuing feedback after audiovisual rental jobs; part of our culture of excellence - and we are heartened our hard work behind the scenes pays off when our team members are recognized for their commitment. In this case, Trent and Kent, technical team members, were as always, star team players for this customer. The meeting planner noted so below with our great thanks:


Trent and Kent were absolutely fantastic! I am very pleased with their work, and grateful to Ron Platt for recommending your company for this task. Trent and Kent are a tribute to you and your company. THANK YOU!

With regard to the mission of the charity holding this luncheon, it is also important to note how critical their role in supporting the children of Guildford County, North Carolina is on a daily basis. Guilford Child Development is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to creating an community where children are valued, nurtured, and fed. Perhaps it is easy for many of us, blessed as we are, to take for granted healthy hot meals and people with whom to read a book, but the need for caring for economically challenged children is real and with a moment of all our homes. Resources, medicine, food, literacy, and head start for success are all the tenets pursued by GDC. We remain grateful and moved by their work which is both vast and robust on behalf of the young lives in the care of this community.

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NC sales meeting audiovisual: AV Connections, Inc. delivers your message

Posted on April 21, 2015

NC sales meeting audiovisual

NC sales meeting audiovisual: Let's create something extraordinary for your sales meeting. This photo is a great example: We have worked with this client for many years and each of their sales meeting backdrops are custom built by our NC sales meeting audiovisual NC sales meeting audiovisual group.

The goal is to make their stage and presentation exciting and attention-grabbing while not distracting from the relevance of the presentation message. This design combines a great format for presenting their products highlighted by our talent for great lighting. When they were presented with this design they were thrilled. As we are challenged to create new AV and lighting designs to augment their yearly presentation, we continue to press forward the technology available to us. We're partners to this client AV design, presentation, and economy. We want to bring them back each year with ever-greater options and a continuing attention to maintaining presentation excellence and their conference budget.

We look forward to creating great NC sales meeting audiovisual presentations for your conference or meeting. Let's talk about how your North Carolina conference AV can be both impactful and affordable.





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NC conference technology rentals by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on April 09, 2015

Conference Audio Visual in Florida by AV Connections, Inc in FL, SC, NC, GA

NC conference technology rentals by AV Connections, Inc. of North Carolina will complete your impactful conference or meeting presentation. You've created a great sales or informative presentation and now it needs you to walk your guests through the concept and it needs AV Connections, Inc. to get your message across flawlessly. Hours have been spent developing a thorough and incredible presentation; don't take chances with AV technology on which it is run.

AV Connections' NC conference technology rentals group has a huge inventory of new and impeccably maintained audiovisual presentation technology in inventory. The inventory is constantly reviewed and updated to be sure our clients conferences and meetings are astep about their competitors. We are not willing to take chances with your reputation or our own. We will be prepared, professional, and on time with NC's best kept AV inventory. We have been in business for thirty years in North Carolina and added branch offices throughout the southeast as we have grown. We continue to be a family-owned and operated company at each of our branches, with new generations taking the helm over new offices. Our culture of excellence runs through them and the length of our success speaks to our commitment to build long term relationships with our NC conference technology rental clients and customers.

We look forward to assisting you with you next conference or meeting. Before you select an in-house AV contract at a hotel or conference center, allow us to provide you our pricing. Contact us with questions or RFP's at We will pleased to work with you on conference audiovisual or event lighting rentals.

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National sales meeting AV by AV Connections, Inc.,

Posted on March 22, 2015

national sales meeting AV

National sales meeting AV by AV Connections, Inc. is our largest business, we travel with many repeat clients each year around the nation and internationally to provide national sales meeting AV rentals and technical teams.

A sales meeting is the once or twice yearly opportunity to introduce new products and get your sales members excited to sell. You want to keep your AV rentals cost down but at the same time, get your message across clearly. You need to add some impressive elements to your presentation the same as it is a good idea to add some impressive, memorable elements to your sales meeting. Our national sales meeting AV group will help you to have a problem-free sales meeting or conference. We will make suggestions based on your site to add layers of visual texture to your meeting. Perhaps uplighting or color gel lights, even custom designed gobo lights with your company logo can be elegant and appropriate. It is always  a question of the right design at the right time and it is this at which our professional national sales meeting AV.

National sales meeting AV  by AV Connections, Inc. is made better and easier for you by our commitment to excellence, customer service, and helping to manage costs and maximize your budget. We will be your best national sales meeting AV partners. Contact us at or 336-768-5454.

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AV Connections Inc. NC presentation services at Wake Tech's Commencement

Posted on December 15, 2014

NC AV presentation services by AV Connections, Inc.  NC AV presentation services by AV Connections, Inc.

AV Connections, Inc.  NC presentation services were hard at work this week for the Wake Technical Community College mid-year graduation commencement ceremonies. AV Connections, Inc. provided all the AV NC presentation technology for this event held at the Benton Conference Center in Winston-Salem, NC. We are pleased to be the AV company to handle AV for multiple graduations each year of Wake Tech. 

NC AV presentation services by AV Connections, Inc.

Wake Tech is the largest of NC's 50 community college systems. It was recently identified as the second fastest growing community college in the United States. Online registration has doubled in the past five years and is expected to double again the coming five years. It is truly a remarkable school system and we are pleased to serve it with NC AV presentation services for all the school's joint graduation each year.

Wake Tech offers programs in a vast array of technical areas including our own, as well as graduates, in a different ceremony each semester, high school equivalencies as well. Wake Tech is North Carolina's largest community college and supports 70,000 students. Across five campuses, Wake Tech offers 180 degree and diploma programs. All of the December degree programs graduated at this event. Such exciting beginnings for these graduates who saw through their degrees to completion. Wake Tech's is important work which are pleased to help them wrap up with graduation ceremonies each semester.

More news on Wake Tech's commencement exercises can be found here in  Wake Tech News.

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Company holiday party AV lighting rentals by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on October 22, 2014

Company holiday party AV lighting rentals

AV Connections, Inc. has thirty years of company holiday party AV lighting rentals experience. We are the South's preferred vendor for company and corporate holiday parties and events. When you choose to celebrate your employees, we will be there with budget-minded AV rentals and lighting throughout DC, VA, NC, TN, OH, and MD. We have worked with corporate and company event planners who return to us happily every year at this time, for their annual company holiday party AV lighting rentals - whether in the same venue each year or new locations.

Company holiday party AV lighting rentals

AV Connections, Inc. has long worked within the bugdets of the United States' largest and smallest companies to provide company holiday party AV lighting rentals which work into your spending allowances. We want to make a timely set up of your AV rentals, make your remarks or awards flawless, and tear it down quickly and quietly.

Company holiday party AV lighting rentals

Within every budget for company holiday party AV lighting rentals there are great possibilities: Impactful AV presentations, atmosphere-setting lighting, great videography. We can work together to make each holiday party venue a spectacular and memorable location for an important thank-you to employees, clients, friends, and partners. Let AV Connections, Inc. be your first call for company holiday party AV lighting rentals. We encourage you to reach out to us and explore options for a great holiday party which keeps your budget intact.

Company holiday party AV lighting rentals

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Conference AV Koury Convention Center, Greensboro, NC by AV Connections

Posted on September 17, 2014

Conference AV Koury Convention Center by AV ConnectionsConference AV Koury Convention Center by AV Connections 

Our recent audio visual job site, providing conference AV Koury Convention Center was a great three days for our NC Conference AV and Event Technology group. Koury Convention Center, in up and coming Greensboro, NC is a great facility to work in and an even better location for your conference or meeting. AV Connections is a regular Conference AV Koury Convention Center provider. We are pleased to help you deliver your message with a great conference event supported by our flawless AV work.

This week's national conference for which we provided the AV was for an esteemed group of insurance investigators. IASIU's mission is to gather national insurance investigators annually and give them tools to prevent insurance fraud. We were pleased to give our tireless all to give IASIU an effective yearly conference, both in the conference hall and individual breakout rooms. AV Connections also complete the stage set up and conference lighting to go with our audio visual design for this event. AV Connections constructed the stage set seen in these photos too.

The equipment AV Connections brought to the main conference ballroom for the general conference sessions included:
2- 16x9 screens
Mackie 20 ch mixer
Shure wireless lavs
MacBook Pro laptops
D'san wireless remote
Extron 506 switcher
Canon camera

Along with the general session AV, lighting, and stage, we provided equipment for five breakout sessions.

This equipment included:

Each room was equipped with:
2-4 wireless lavs
2-3 tabletop mics for panel discussions
Laptop audio
8' screen



9 2014 AVC winston Loury convention insurance conference 6Conference AV Koury Convention Center by AV ConnectionsConference AV Koury Convention Center by AV Connections

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AV Connections' Virginia VA Conference AV at Landsdowne Resort

Posted on September 15, 2014

Virginia VA Conference AV audio visual by AV Connections Virginia VA Conference AV audio visual by AV Connections Virginia VA Conference AV audio visual by AV Connections Virginia VA Conference AV audio visual by AV Connections

AV Connections is pleased to be the Virginia VA Conference AV vendor selected to provide conference audio visual and lighting for the Women in Opthamology Conference held this past week in beautiful and historic at the Landsdowne Resort in Leesburg, VA.

Virginia VA Conference AV audio visual by AV Connections Virginia VA Conference AV audio visual by AV Connections



AV Connections provided 9x12 screens with projection,  JBL speakers with Yamaha mixer and Shure mics in the Conference General Session Room and the same set up for the luncheon presentations. Our conference technology group regularly provides Virginia VA conference AV and we were thrilled to have this new client and make our first visit to the Landsdowne Resort and Conference Center.

Landsdowne Resort and Conference Center in Leesburg, VA is an incredible and centrally located conference location; Outside Washington DC by only thirty minutes, it is only fifteen minutes from Dulles Airport. While Landsdowne Resort has everythingo n the property conference guest could possibly need to stay or for a day of off-site conferences, it also offers a pastoral setting with Washington DC at your fingertips.

If you are planning a conference in Virginia, AV Connections looks forward to your call to estimate or bid on your VA Conference AV meeting or conference audio visual or lighting rental needs.

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Conference audio visual at MC Benton Convention Center by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on July 25, 2014

Audio visual rentals MC Benton Convention Center Winston Salem NC


Every year AV Connections, Inc. is proud to provide the conference audio visual at MC Benton Convention Center in Winston-Salem, NC for the North Carolina Home Educators Annual Conference and Commencement. We had another wonderful year with the conference organizers in 2014 and we continue to look forward to providing the conference AV rentals and staging for this fine gathering of educators and students.

The NCHE brings together the community of home educators and students once a year for meetings, seminars, instruction, and to celebrate the graduates of the north Carolina home schooling community for year.

AV Connections, Inc. of NC provides conference rental technology for meetings, presentations, seminars, and trade shows throughout the state of North Carolina. We have the largest and most up-to-date inventory of conference audio visual rentals available in NC. Our Conference technology group will be pleased to help you plan and execute a professional and flawless conference or meeting in North Carolina.

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AV for hotels and conferences in Winston-Salem NC by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on July 03, 2014

 AV for hotels and conferences in Winston-Salem NC by AV Connections Inc


We've recently had another great visit to Brookstown Inn, one of the many places AV Connections, Inc. provides AV for hotels and conferences in Winston-Salem NC. Av Connections, Inc. is proud to have enjoyed a long relationship with the incredible Brookstown Inn in Winston-Salem, NC. Most recently, we've provided meeting video rentals for a guest conference at the Brookstown Inn. AV Connections, Inc. of Winston-Salem provided LCD projection for conference presentations at the hotel.

If you are looking for a conference venue in North Carolina, we could not recommend a better location than the Brookstown Inn. Your conference attendees will never forget the beauty of the former mill building. Both the indoor and outdoor spaces are like none other you will encounter; the upscale elegance of the hotel combined with the exposed brick walls original to the structure make for a memorable and usual conference location for all.  The hotel rooms in the Brookstown Inn are magnificently appointed and individually decorated; no two are the same. For the frequent business traveler, The Brookstown Inn will be a welcome change from the everyday chain-hotel. The staff is pleasant and efficient and there to meet all your needs.

When planning a meeting or conference  in North Carolina, do't let the chance to let AV Connections, Inc. provide your AV rentals and certainly make a point of a visit to Brookstown Inn.

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