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AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on July 20, 2015

AV rentals in Atlanta AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

AV Connections, Inc. was pleased to return to this great Southeastern conference to provide event technology and AV rentals in Atlanta for a long time customer. We're proud to say this client has used AV Connections, Inc. for many years in conference across the United States. We have traveled with their growing business and continue to be pleased to be an integral part of their success.

These events are sales-driven conferences meant to excite and encourage the sales teams to excel and exceed their previous sales numbers. The atmosphere needs to be big, bright, exciting, and memorable. It also needs to get the message and best-practice sales techniques across through our event technology and AV rentals.

We are the only provider for this client because we allow no slip-ups or sloppiness. Excellence is the only option for AV Connections and we aim to provide flawless event support and technically perfect presentations. Once again we were able to achieve that goal for this client through tireless preparation and testing. While we have worked together for many years, we have no intention of letting our guard down in performing at optimum for each valued customer.

We look forward to providing your large conference or meeting with AV rentals in Atlanta.

AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc. AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

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NC sales meeting audiovisual: AV Connections, Inc. delivers your message

Posted on April 21, 2015

NC sales meeting audiovisual

NC sales meeting audiovisual: Let's create something extraordinary for your sales meeting. This photo is a great example: We have worked with this client for many years and each of their sales meeting backdrops are custom built by our NC sales meeting audiovisual NC sales meeting audiovisual group.

The goal is to make their stage and presentation exciting and attention-grabbing while not distracting from the relevance of the presentation message. This design combines a great format for presenting their products highlighted by our talent for great lighting. When they were presented with this design they were thrilled. As we are challenged to create new AV and lighting designs to augment their yearly presentation, we continue to press forward the technology available to us. We're partners to this client AV design, presentation, and economy. We want to bring them back each year with ever-greater options and a continuing attention to maintaining presentation excellence and their conference budget.

We look forward to creating great NC sales meeting audiovisual presentations for your conference or meeting. Let's talk about how your North Carolina conference AV can be both impactful and affordable.





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NC conference technology rentals by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on April 09, 2015

Conference Audio Visual in Florida by AV Connections, Inc in FL, SC, NC, GA

NC conference technology rentals by AV Connections, Inc. of North Carolina will complete your impactful conference or meeting presentation. You've created a great sales or informative presentation and now it needs you to walk your guests through the concept and it needs AV Connections, Inc. to get your message across flawlessly. Hours have been spent developing a thorough and incredible presentation; don't take chances with AV technology on which it is run.

AV Connections' NC conference technology rentals group has a huge inventory of new and impeccably maintained audiovisual presentation technology in inventory. The inventory is constantly reviewed and updated to be sure our clients conferences and meetings are astep about their competitors. We are not willing to take chances with your reputation or our own. We will be prepared, professional, and on time with NC's best kept AV inventory. We have been in business for thirty years in North Carolina and added branch offices throughout the southeast as we have grown. We continue to be a family-owned and operated company at each of our branches, with new generations taking the helm over new offices. Our culture of excellence runs through them and the length of our success speaks to our commitment to build long term relationships with our NC conference technology rental clients and customers.

We look forward to assisting you with you next conference or meeting. Before you select an in-house AV contract at a hotel or conference center, allow us to provide you our pricing. Contact us with questions or RFP's at We will pleased to work with you on conference audiovisual or event lighting rentals.

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Conference audiovisual rental NC by AV Connections

Posted on March 30, 2015

north carolina conference AV

AV Connections, Inc. provides North Carolina conference audiovisual rental to the largest conferences in NC, VA, DE, DC. We also travel internationally to provide conference audiovisual rental and technicians to clients holing conferences throughout the US and Caribbean. If you are planning a conference in North Carolina, we encourage you to allow us to compete with hotel or conference AV cost. In many cases, using an exterior AV rentals company can save significant sums of money over just accepting the conference center AV costs. Take the time well in advance to understand your contract with the conference or hotel and give us the opportunity to reduce your conference costs.

Contact AV Connections with your RFP at, or call us at 336-768-5454. We are happy to helo you compare costs and keep your conference budget in line.

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National sales meeting AV by AV Connections, Inc.,

Posted on March 22, 2015

national sales meeting AV

National sales meeting AV by AV Connections, Inc. is our largest business, we travel with many repeat clients each year around the nation and internationally to provide national sales meeting AV rentals and technical teams.

A sales meeting is the once or twice yearly opportunity to introduce new products and get your sales members excited to sell. You want to keep your AV rentals cost down but at the same time, get your message across clearly. You need to add some impressive elements to your presentation the same as it is a good idea to add some impressive, memorable elements to your sales meeting. Our national sales meeting AV group will help you to have a problem-free sales meeting or conference. We will make suggestions based on your site to add layers of visual texture to your meeting. Perhaps uplighting or color gel lights, even custom designed gobo lights with your company logo can be elegant and appropriate. It is always  a question of the right design at the right time and it is this at which our professional national sales meeting AV.

National sales meeting AV  by AV Connections, Inc. is made better and easier for you by our commitment to excellence, customer service, and helping to manage costs and maximize your budget. We will be your best national sales meeting AV partners. Contact us at or 336-768-5454.

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AV in western NC: We're back at Meadowbrook

Posted on February 25, 2015

av in western NC

We are also pleased when our business takes us back to Blowing Rock NC to provide av in western NC. Western North Carolina, which is not far from our home office and where our company was founded in Winston-Salem, NC is one of our favorite yearly stops in our conference rotation. AV Connections, Inc. has enjoyed the same return clients for conference AV year after year. We get back to Blowing Rock twice a year at least and it's with great pleasure that we get to work with the team at Meadowbrook Inn and Conference Center.

This month we returned to provide av in western NC for a regional nursing conference held jointly by Wake Forest University Health and it's affiliated partners. This year, the conference was so well attended we also set up AV in overflow rooms in order to make room for all of the conference attendees. These small rooms and audiovisual delivered to them is both necessary and appreciated; it makes a comfortable place to absorb information. It is far preferable to asking too many people to try to take notes elbow to elbow in a packed conference room. If you want to be as well attended next year, this courtesy is an important one. Especially when conference guests have to spend an entire day listening, this helps with concentration and patience.

All together another great year with NWAHEC's conference. We look forward to creating another effective conference for them next year.

av in western NC

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Audiovisual in Blowing Rock, NC at Meadowbrook Inn & Conference Center

Posted on February 18, 2015

audiovisual in blowing rock nc


This past week we were out in the incredible Blue Ridge Mountains providing audiovisual in Blowing Rock NC for a national conference. We are always pleased to work with the talented teams at Meadowbrook Inn and Conference Center in Blowing Rock. The venue is not just a conference hub but also a great place to spend a weekend when you visit western North Carolina.

This particular conference was a medical conference on respiratory care hosted by Northwest Area Health Education Center. NAHEC is affiliated with both University of North Carolina and Wake Forest University.

We were also so proud Trent Perry, our senior manager in North Carolina was able to lend support to the conference planner again this year. She wrote to us, "As always Trent did a wonderful job! His ability to take care of all AV needs makes my job at the conference a little easier." This level of go-the-extra-step customer service is what we ware always striving for at AV Connections, Inc. We look forward to seeing these clients next year!

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Conference AV NC by AV Connections Inc.

Posted on January 18, 2015

conference AV NC by AV Connections Inc.  conference AV NC by AV Connections Inc.


If you are a meeting planner and looking forward to conferences in 2015, now is the time to book your conference AV NC with AV Connections, Inc. for all of North Carolina's great conference facilities. AV Connections, Inc. is pleased to provide conference AV NC rentals to corporate and meeting clients in all of the South's great conference venues. Even if the hotel or convention center you are using has an in-house company, it will serve you well to compare prices with AV Connections, Inc. In many cases AV Connections conference AV NC will be better priced than in-house vendors. We encourage you to send in your RFP's for estimate comparisons before you decide what AV company to use for your conference or meeting.

Whether you are planning a conference at Pinehurst, Biltmore, Grove Park Inn, The Park Expo & Conference Center, AV Connections Inc. has been there and has the largest inventory to help you get your message across at the best price. We work regularly in Ashville, Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, and Greenville. Be sure to check with us for your NC conference or meeting.



conference AV NC by AV Connections Inc.  conference AV NC by AV Connections Inc.



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AV Connections adds even greater new technology to conference AV rental inventory in NC & SC

Posted on November 01, 2014

In AV Connections' continuing pursuit of maintaining the finest and most technologically advanced conference AV rental inventory in NC and SC, we are pleased to announce the purchase of a new front line of conference AV rental technology. Our broadened inventory is available to conference AV rental clients throughout the Southeast from our branch offices in North Carolina and South Carolina. We continue to make capital investment in the quality of your conference and meeting presentations as has been our commitment since opening AV Connections thirty years ago.

Our Event Technology team regularly creates lists of new technologies to advance AV Connections presentation rental offerings. included in this season's inventory buy for both North Carolina and South Carolina conference AV rental selections were:

Eiki 8000 lumen HD DLP projectors
Digital video HDMI signal packages
Alma-Barco Screen Pro-II 3G digital switchers
Shure wireless microphone and hand held transmitter sets
Shure wireless digital antennas
Milestone 9x12 projection screens
Milestone 10x10 projection screens
Theatrical screen dress kits
Additional custom lighting options for both special events and conference presentations
Several new chandelier options for wedding and banquet lighting rental options

We are so pleased to offer this new AV rental inventory to our clients throughout the United States. If you are new to AV Connections, now is the time to send us an RFP for your conference or meeting. We'll be the best priced AV rental company in the United States and we are always pleased to work to your budget. Email us at

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Koury Convention Center AV company, AV Connections

Posted on September 18, 2014

Conference AV Koury Convention Center by AV Connections

Koury Convention Center AV company, AV Connections, will be the most reliable and best-priced audio visual rental and staging company available to your conference. AV Connections strives to be the most trouble-free, flawless, and affordable provider of AV rentals and staging at Koury Convention Center in Greensboro, NC.

AV Connections has a thrity year history of pleased customers who return to us yearly to provide conference AV all over the nation. When you finally find a grea,t trust-worthy company like AV Connections and the price is always right, you don't stray. We are happy to say our customer base is a repeat-business group. AV Connections goes the extra mile to bring a level of service and professionalism unavailable from any other NC AV company.

When planning your conference at Koury Convention center in Greenville, NC you will quickly find that making your first call to AV Connections was a wise decision. We will be there to support your NC conference and meeting needs every step of the way. We will plan and design your event with you. We will be there on time with experience audio visual technicians. We will complete the job on time and cleanly with attention to every detail. We will live our promises to you without fail.

Call AV Connections at 336-768-5454 or email us your RFP to We look forward to serving your Koury Convention Center AV company needs.


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