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AV rentals in Greensboro by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on October 01, 2015

AV rentals in Greensboro

One of our best local meeting venues was back in action with our AV rentals in Greensboro at the Greensboro Marriott. Our presentation technology team was glad to provide rentals and technicians for the recent Guilford Child Development Luncheon in Greensboro, NC near our corporate hometown, Winston-Salem, NC.

AV Connections, Inc.'s President and CEO Brad Luckhart was pleased to receive this kind note from our meeting client on this day. We are always actively pursuing feedback after audiovisual rental jobs; part of our culture of excellence - and we are heartened our hard work behind the scenes pays off when our team members are recognized for their commitment. In this case, Trent and Kent, technical team members, were as always, star team players for this customer. The meeting planner noted so below with our great thanks:


Trent and Kent were absolutely fantastic! I am very pleased with their work, and grateful to Ron Platt for recommending your company for this task. Trent and Kent are a tribute to you and your company. THANK YOU!

With regard to the mission of the charity holding this luncheon, it is also important to note how critical their role in supporting the children of Guildford County, North Carolina is on a daily basis. Guilford Child Development is a multi-faceted organization dedicated to creating an community where children are valued, nurtured, and fed. Perhaps it is easy for many of us, blessed as we are, to take for granted healthy hot meals and people with whom to read a book, but the need for caring for economically challenged children is real and with a moment of all our homes. Resources, medicine, food, literacy, and head start for success are all the tenets pursued by GDC. We remain grateful and moved by their work which is both vast and robust on behalf of the young lives in the care of this community.

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AV at Raleigh Convention Center for NCRLA Expo 2015

Posted on September 23, 2015

AV at Raleigh Convention Center

One thing about our job in general, and specifically in providing AV at Raleigh Convention Center, is that there are a lot of really exciting events and personalities swinging through our professional days. We've provided audiovisual and lighting for thousands of speakers in our thirty-two years in business in the Carolinas. Among them, Supreme Court Justices, presidential candidates, and celebrities. This year at the North Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association Expo and Dinner was another of those fun occasions when a celebrity is on our AV and microphones delivering the key note address. But we'll come back to that in a minute.

Before that can happen however, this needs to become....

AV at Raleigh Convention Center AV at Raleigh Convention Center


AV at Raleigh Convention Center

If you're thinking that turning a stark ballroom into a vibrant and visually appealing presentation space is a major production, you would be right. But as you can tell from the stunning results, it is obviously worth it to have great audiovisual and lighting and make an impactful event. Quality events presented with care and attention to detail create pleased Expo visitors and returning guests next year. As any conference or expo planner will attest, the goal is to increase attendance at your conference or event the following year. In order to achieve ever-growing numbers of attendees, an event need to have a marquee speaker.

That is where this gentleman comes in:

AV at Raleigh Convention Center AV at Raleigh Convention Center by AV Connections, Inc.

That's right. Robert Irvine of Food Networks's show Restaurant Impossible was the key note speaker for the NCRLA banquet and AV Connections, Inc. was pleased to welcome him to our microphones! All in all a great expo banquet with a draw for the crowd and an assurance they will want to look into who next year's guest will be because this one was great.

We had a great time working with the NCRLA and, as always, with the organization at Raleigh Convention Center. We look forward to providing incredible AV for Raleigh Convention Center and your next event there.

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Ceremony AV for 9/11 Memorial in Clemmons, NC

Posted on September 15, 2015

Ceremony AV

Sometimes the smallest events have the greatest impact on us, as was the case with our ceremony AV work for the Clemmons, NC September 11th Memorial. We were, of course, humbled and moved to be asked to join in this event and provide audiovisual support to the speakers. We were even more moved to witness this powerful display of our nation's beautiful flag atop the Clemmon's Fire Department tower ladder.

The events of September 11, 2001 across our nation are without a doubt, the most tragic and memorable events of our modern era. We judge ourselves, in our day to day work, against a standard of excellence. On a day such as this, when called to broadcast a message of memory, agony, and the intrepid determination to rise from ashes as a country, we naturally stop to ask ourselves if there is a greater standard to offer than just excellence. The sacrifice of all the lives taken on September 11, 2001 and all those lost avenging them, is so great and extreme, the little we have to give hardly seems enough.

But it does indeed matter that communities large and small gather and bow heads, and it does matter than in all our hearts we desperately wish with unreasonable fervor, that we could turn back time. That we could undo on behalf of every life lost, every child left behind, every parent who lost a son or daughter. In our powerlessness is promise: We promise to remember, we promise not to forget, we promise to teach our children. All of us at AV Connections - among us a New Yorker whose hometown was devastated by the events of that day - will never fail to keep the promise and broadcast the message. You are not forgotten, we've not lost you in vain.

Ceremony AV  Ceremony AV

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Banquet dinner AV rentals by AV Connections: The Salvation Army

Posted on September 02, 2015

Banquet dinner AV rentals

On August 20, AV Connections, Inc. provided banquet dinner AV rentals for the The Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club Dinner. This gala banquet was held in the Grand Pavilion of the Embassy Suites in downtown Winston Salem, NC.

The gala's key note speaker was Tony Thompson, President and CEO of local Fortune 1000 corporation, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Bring 25 years of management experience to bear, Mr. Thompson took to our microphones to support the Salvation Army's local and national missions and goals. An ardent supporter of the Boys and Girls Clubs, Mr Thompson's remarks were well received by banquet guests. Krispy Kreme Corporation continues to me a major supporter of local charities, the Salvation Army among them.

Tony Thompson joined Krispy Kreme Corporation after distinguishing himself in the management teams of Papa Johns, Scotts, Con Agra, and Coca-Cola Bottling Company. Winston-Salem was pleased to welcome him to Krispy Kreme, a heritage local corporate business of resounding success.

For this event, AV Connections, Inc. worked in partnership with Mr. Bill’s Productions to provide two large fast fold projection screens, two projectors, and a switcher to switch between a camera taping of the event and a laptop feed for a feature video presented to the guests.

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AV rentals for seminars from AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on August 25, 2015

AV rentals for seminars


AV Connections, Inc. provides AV rentals for seminars and conferences throughout the Southeastern United States. Recently, we were pleased to work with the University of North Carolina and Clerks of the Superior Court to provide audiovisual support for their twice-yearly seminar gathering. This series of continuing legal education, outreach training, and case law updates is provided for attorneys in order to keep their Bar credentials current.

Attending several days of a conference seminar such as this can allow the legal professional to accrue all their necessary continuing education hours in one place at one time. Hawthorne Inn, in Winston-Salem, NC which hosted this summer session, was a perfect conference location to allow for multiple presentations.

During the three day period in which we provided audiovisual rentals, we provided a mixer to patch several wireless lavaliers, handheld mics, and laptop sound into the Hawthorn Inn's house sound system. It was a a productive three days for the members of the Bar in Western North Carolina and AV Connections, Inc. was pleased to be a partner in this summer seminar series.

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Theater AV rentals in NC and VA by AV Connections: National Black Theater Festival

Posted on August 18, 2015

theater AV rentals


AV Connections, Inc., located in North Carolina, has the pleasure of providing theater AV rentals in NC and VA to all manner of performance events. Recently, we were called upon - as we are pleased to be each and every August - to support the National Black Theater Festival held over a week long period in Winston-Salem, NC. We always enjoy this adventure in multiple theater and venue locations and performances thoroughly. Since we began working with NBTF we have had the pleasure to work with NBTF's  tremendous professional team and with all of the Festival performance teams  and support staff; both performers and administrators alike.


theater AV rentals

It should be noted, this remarkable cultural art experience commits itself to outdoing each previous year of events. The list of performances each August only grows and benefits North Carolina with ever-more incredible theater and performance art. Western North Carolina is truly blessed that NBTF makes its performance home within our borders and remains committed to supporting local businesses.

theater AV rentals

If you missed the NBTF this year, there is always even more to look forward to next year. We encourage you to make the trip to Central North Carolina and experience the full week long celebration.


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Groundbreaking ceremony AV rentals Virginia by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on August 14, 2015

groundbreaking ceremony AV rentals groundbreaking ceremony AV rentals


AV Connections, Inc. provided AV for the groundbreaking ceremony this past week in beautiful Loudoun County, VA. Panda Power, a corporation whose mission is to provide new, clean power to homes and businesses, welcomed guests and policy makers to the groundbreaking ceremony and luncheon held on the site of the future power plant in Leesburg, Va.


groundbreaking ceremony AV rentals


A combination of efforts between Bechtel and and Seimans of Dallas, Texas, the new power plant will create energy for 750,000 homes and businesses in Virginia. On hand for the groundbreaking was State of Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, U.S. Representative Barbara Comstock, R-Va. (above), and Loudoun County Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York.

 groundbreaking ceremony AV rentals groundbreaking ceremony AV rentals


For the groundbreaking ceremony AV and lighting AV Connections, Inc. provided audio and lighting for both sides of the tent for both the presentation and the luncheon, which included JBL speakers, Shure microphone Source-4 lights and Par 38 lights.

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Performance AV Rentals: AV Connections and National Black Theater Festival Gala

Posted on August 07, 2015

performance AV rentals performance AV rentals

AV Connections, Inc. is proud to be a preferred vendor of performance AV rentals in the Southeastern United States. We serve Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina from our North Carolina headquarters. From our South Carolina branch offices we provide performance AV rentals to South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida. We were so pleased to be returning AV and vendor for the National Black Theater Festival's Opening Night Gala as well as events throughout the week of the Festival in Winston-Salem, NC.

AV Connections, Inc. was called upon to provide video production equipment and technical support for this extraordinary week-long series of theater events.  The Gala held on Monday night at the MC Benton Jr. Convention Center, in Winston-Salem opened the week of events.  We provided four cameras for the live camera shoot. The live cameras were manned with our cameramen, we also provided the content switching technician.

AV Connections, Inc. traveled with the following equipment to support this banquet gala evening:

Sony HD Video Cameras
Extron 506 HD Seamless Switcher/Scaler
Sony HD Video Production Switcher
Extron and Kramer signal distribution equipment
Eiki HD DLP Projectors
16’ x 9’ fast fold projection screens

AV Connections, Inc. is pleased to continue to support the thriving North Carolina performance art community with the finest performance AV rentals and broadest inventory available in the Southeaster US.

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Upcoming: Winston-Salem NC AV for National Black Theater Festival

Posted on July 30, 2015

Winston-Salem NC AV

We're so excited to be preparing to provide Winston-Salem NC AV for four events of the prestigious National Black Theater Festival. The Festival is set to begin next week, August 3 and kick off with an incredible Gala and performance. Five more days of performances in Winston-Salem will follow. These events will be held at various conference and performance locations throughout the city. AV Connections, Inc. is pleased to be providing AV rentals and come lighting at four of these locations.

We encourage you to get tickets to these events now and see as much as you can. Tickets for the National Black Theater Festival are still available and can be purchased on this link. 

AV Connections, Inc. was founded in Winston-Salem, NC in the northeast corner of the state and we are so pleased to see the way this festival has grown over the years. We are blessed to have a thriving arts and cultural community in Winston-Salem. We are anxious to support it in any way we can. Please do join us in supporting these important events.

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AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on July 20, 2015

AV rentals in Atlanta AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

AV Connections, Inc. was pleased to return to this great Southeastern conference to provide event technology and AV rentals in Atlanta for a long time customer. We're proud to say this client has used AV Connections, Inc. for many years in conference across the United States. We have traveled with their growing business and continue to be pleased to be an integral part of their success.

These events are sales-driven conferences meant to excite and encourage the sales teams to excel and exceed their previous sales numbers. The atmosphere needs to be big, bright, exciting, and memorable. It also needs to get the message and best-practice sales techniques across through our event technology and AV rentals.

We are the only provider for this client because we allow no slip-ups or sloppiness. Excellence is the only option for AV Connections and we aim to provide flawless event support and technically perfect presentations. Once again we were able to achieve that goal for this client through tireless preparation and testing. While we have worked together for many years, we have no intention of letting our guard down in performing at optimum for each valued customer.

We look forward to providing your large conference or meeting with AV rentals in Atlanta.

AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc. AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

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