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Conference audiovisual rental NC by AV Connections

Posted on March 30, 2015

north carolina conference AV

AV Connections, Inc. provides North Carolina conference audiovisual rental to the largest conferences in NC, VA, DE, DC. We also travel internationally to provide conference audiovisual rental and technicians to clients holing conferences throughout the US and Caribbean. If you are planning a conference in North Carolina, we encourage you to allow us to compete with hotel or conference AV cost. In many cases, using an exterior AV rentals company can save significant sums of money over just accepting the conference center AV costs. Take the time well in advance to understand your contract with the conference or hotel and give us the opportunity to reduce your conference costs.

Contact AV Connections with your RFP at, or call us at 336-768-5454. We are happy to helo you compare costs and keep your conference budget in line.

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