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Ceremony AV for 9/11 Memorial in Clemmons, NC

Posted on September 15, 2015

Ceremony AV

Sometimes the smallest events have the greatest impact on us, as was the case with our ceremony AV work for the Clemmons, NC September 11th Memorial. We were, of course, humbled and moved to be asked to join in this event and provide audiovisual support to the speakers. We were even more moved to witness this powerful display of our nation's beautiful flag atop the Clemmon's Fire Department tower ladder.

The events of September 11, 2001 across our nation are without a doubt, the most tragic and memorable events of our modern era. We judge ourselves, in our day to day work, against a standard of excellence. On a day such as this, when called to broadcast a message of memory, agony, and the intrepid determination to rise from ashes as a country, we naturally stop to ask ourselves if there is a greater standard to offer than just excellence. The sacrifice of all the lives taken on September 11, 2001 and all those lost avenging them, is so great and extreme, the little we have to give hardly seems enough.

But it does indeed matter that communities large and small gather and bow heads, and it does matter than in all our hearts we desperately wish with unreasonable fervor, that we could turn back time. That we could undo on behalf of every life lost, every child left behind, every parent who lost a son or daughter. In our powerlessness is promise: We promise to remember, we promise not to forget, we promise to teach our children. All of us at AV Connections - among us a New Yorker whose hometown was devastated by the events of that day - will never fail to keep the promise and broadcast the message. You are not forgotten, we've not lost you in vain.

Ceremony AV  Ceremony AV

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