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AV Connections' New Year's wishes

Posted on December 30, 2015

8 2015 AVC WS family photos 2

In two short days, it will be 2016. In that year, AV Connections will mark more than thirty years in business in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We would be remiss in truly understanding our blessings and gifts as a family if we failed to write to each of you as the New Year begins. We take stock every year at this time in a way far greater than paperwork, numbers, and equipment.

Often, successful business people will note there was no luck involved in building a thriving business. At AV Connections, Inc. we know that is, at best, inaccurate. And if you know anything about us, and the company Brad and Margie Luckhart founded, you know that we cannot live with inaccuracy.

It is true that the couple you see above, their son Jared and his wife Natalie, along with countless employees and supporting family over the years have worked their fingers to the bone every day. There is no such thing as weekends here, vacations have always been few for the Luckhart's, they take calls from crews all night long all over the Southeast. Their success was largely driven by determination and decency and the culture of excellence they created for us and our customers.

But luck was always there too and it is not to be underestimated. We have each of you, bright and remarkable clients, customers, and partners. No amount of our hard work could make you real. That was all luck and good references from you. That is where we have been luckiest. Our long time clients and our new customers continue to impress us and move us with their partnership. The drive to excel is easy for us, we could not imagine letting any one of you down.

AV Connections, Inc. is moved and humbled to be a trusted audiovisual and lighting provider to the Carolina's. You and your families and loved ones are fast in our thoughts always but particularly in this week when all of our good thoughts are with you for a happy, safe, and successful 2016.

8 2015 AVC WS family photos 1

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