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AV Connections' New Year's wishes

Posted on December 30, 2015

8 2015 AVC WS family photos 2

In two short days, it will be 2016. In that year, AV Connections will mark more than thirty years in business in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. We would be remiss in truly understanding our blessings and gifts as a family if we failed to write to each of you as the New Year begins. We take stock every year at this time in a way far greater than paperwork, numbers, and equipment.

Often, successful business people will note there was no luck involved in building a thriving business. At AV Connections, Inc. we know that is, at best, inaccurate. And if you know anything about us, and the company Brad and Margie Luckhart founded, you know that we cannot live with inaccuracy.

It is true that the couple you see above, their son Jared and his wife Natalie, along with countless employees and supporting family over the years have worked their fingers to the bone every day. There is no such thing as weekends here, vacations have always been few for the Luckhart's, they take calls from crews all night long all over the Southeast. Their success was largely driven by determination and decency and the culture of excellence they created for us and our customers.

But luck was always there too and it is not to be underestimated. We have each of you, bright and remarkable clients, customers, and partners. No amount of our hard work could make you real. That was all luck and good references from you. That is where we have been luckiest. Our long time clients and our new customers continue to impress us and move us with their partnership. The drive to excel is easy for us, we could not imagine letting any one of you down.

AV Connections, Inc. is moved and humbled to be a trusted audiovisual and lighting provider to the Carolina's. You and your families and loved ones are fast in our thoughts always but particularly in this week when all of our good thoughts are with you for a happy, safe, and successful 2016.

8 2015 AVC WS family photos 1

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Ceremony AV rentals by AV Connections, Inc. in Raleigh Durham, NC area

Posted on December 22, 2015

ceremony AV rentals ceremony AV rentals

How do you turn a bare gym into a commencement space outfitted with ceremony AV rentals? You should call AV Connections, Inc. because, as you can see, it is not an endeavor you want to try to undertake on your own.  AV Connections, Inc. of North Carolina has the pleasure of providing ceremony AV rentals to each of Wake Tech's commencement ceremonies: These you see are held on the Wake Tech Campus in Raleigh, NC and multiple school of studies graduations held in the spring at Raleigh Convention Center.

12-2015-AVC-WS-wake-tech-graduation-2-200x300 (2).jpg

This season we are pleased to share with you some behind the scenes photos of how AV Connections, Inc. installs our large fast-fold screens above the auditorium to be sure each guest has a clear view of their student graduating as well as a view of the speakers. There are few more important days in a lifetime than the achievement of these graduates, we could hardly fail to assure perfection for them in the ceremony AV rentals on the day their path of study concludes.

ceremony AV rentals ceremony AV rentals

Every degree and diploma is precious, not just to those who have worked so hard to earn them, and the families who supported them. But, as we note each year at this time, they and their achievement are precious to all of us at AV Connections, Inc. We were founded here in North Carolina and have had the pleasure of working with and being community members along side so many of Wake Tech's contributors after graduation; we continue to be pleased to see more added each year. We feel strongly in the value of education and continuing education and we proud to bear witness to its successes at each and every commencement.



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Campaign speech AV rentals for Jeb Bush at The Citadel

Posted on December 15, 2015

speech AV rentals NC SC speech AV rentals NC SC

In the run up to the 2016 presidential election, AV Connections, Inc. has had the pleasure of providing speech AV rentals  to two presidential candidates. This month we were pleased to be the AV provider for Governor Jeb Bush's address to The Citadel's Republican Society. In December 2014, in preparation for his 2016 campaign, AV Connections also had the pleasure of presenting Donald Trump on our AV. We feel blessed to represent important voices, but certainly the pleasure of turning on the sound for people who may one day run the free world is a special kind of honor. Every client is precious to us, which is likely how we continue to be selected as the speech AV rentals provider for esteemed national voices and organizations.

speech AV rentals NC SC speech AV rentals NC SC       

It is important to note that AV Connections, Inc. does not endorse candidates, parties, or opinions. But we do endorse information which keeps voters informed. We are committed to do everything we can to be sure every voice, at every level is heard with perfect clarity. One day any one of these speeches could be returned to as a marker in our nation's history; we will not fail to project them powerfully and with accuracy. We can only hope we were standing by to hear words which better the nation's future. We are, after all, a generational family company. Our minds are as focused on the present as the future. And we are as riveted with the power of presidential messages as any guest.


speech AV rentals NC SC speech AV rentals NC SC

We took a moment, as speech AV rentals provider to Governor Bush's speech to The Citadel Republican Society, to get a picture with the candidate, and, as always, to count our blessings. 2016 will be an exciting year for many reasons, not the least of which is that this free nation will elect a new president. We are humbled to deliver the sounds of their voices as they come to Charleston, and we are acutely aware we are witnesses to American history in the making.

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Branded lighting rentals for Make a Wish's Walk for Wishes

Posted on December 07, 2015

Branded lighting rentals Branded lighting rentals


AV Connections, Inc. of North Carolina was once again so very pleased to support the Northwestern North Carolina Make a Wish Chapter's 2015 Walk for Wishes Fundraiser with branded lighting rentals. This 5k walk and run road race which winds through the Festival of Lights was held for the sixth year at Tanglewood Park in Winston-Salem. The $120,000 raised so far goes to grant wishes to children with terminal sicknesses in Western North Carolina.

Make A Wish's Walk for Wishes begins in Forsyth's County park jewel, Tanglewood and ends at the Tanglewood Ampitheater. Inside the ampitheather. AV Connections, Inc. helped to kickoff the holiday season with this event by providing dramatic lighting on a uniquely shaped scrim cover, including magnification of the speakers onto the backdrop, and delivering to the field of over a thousand people, clear sound and music. The scrim cover and accompanying branded gobo lighting adds atmosphere, seasonal excitement, and a touch of elegant but not overwhelming branding to the Walk for Wishes.

When holding a charity, or especially a business, event where many people will congregate, a great lighting design which maximizes branding and your message are critical. Often a spotlight or a bit of uplighting will be considered, but the event is truly only a half without a bit of show stopping remember-why-you're-here messaging at center front. AV Connections, Inc. is pleased to make sight visits with you as you plan your event and to discuss the best plan for lighting and maximizing the time your guestes have before you.

Branded lighting rentals Branded lighting rentals

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