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Upcoming: Winston-Salem NC AV for National Black Theater Festival

Posted on July 30, 2015

Winston-Salem NC AV

We're so excited to be preparing to provide Winston-Salem NC AV for four events of the prestigious National Black Theater Festival. The Festival is set to begin next week, August 3 and kick off with an incredible Gala and performance. Five more days of performances in Winston-Salem will follow. These events will be held at various conference and performance locations throughout the city. AV Connections, Inc. is pleased to be providing AV rentals and come lighting at four of these locations.

We encourage you to get tickets to these events now and see as much as you can. Tickets for the National Black Theater Festival are still available and can be purchased on this link. 

AV Connections, Inc. was founded in Winston-Salem, NC in the northeast corner of the state and we are so pleased to see the way this festival has grown over the years. We are blessed to have a thriving arts and cultural community in Winston-Salem. We are anxious to support it in any way we can. Please do join us in supporting these important events.

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AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on July 20, 2015

AV rentals in Atlanta AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

AV Connections, Inc. was pleased to return to this great Southeastern conference to provide event technology and AV rentals in Atlanta for a long time customer. We're proud to say this client has used AV Connections, Inc. for many years in conference across the United States. We have traveled with their growing business and continue to be pleased to be an integral part of their success.

These events are sales-driven conferences meant to excite and encourage the sales teams to excel and exceed their previous sales numbers. The atmosphere needs to be big, bright, exciting, and memorable. It also needs to get the message and best-practice sales techniques across through our event technology and AV rentals.

We are the only provider for this client because we allow no slip-ups or sloppiness. Excellence is the only option for AV Connections and we aim to provide flawless event support and technically perfect presentations. Once again we were able to achieve that goal for this client through tireless preparation and testing. While we have worked together for many years, we have no intention of letting our guard down in performing at optimum for each valued customer.

We look forward to providing your large conference or meeting with AV rentals in Atlanta.

AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc. AV rentals in Atlanta by AV Connections, Inc.

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Corporate AV rentals for Hebalife's Press Conference

Posted on July 13, 2015


We were pleased to provide corporate AV rentals for Herbalife Corporation in Winston-Salem this past week. At their press conference, Herbalife corporate officers detailed the expansion of their company locally. Winston-Salem's plant will expand to nearly double its workforce, adding some 300 jobs to the local economy.

The Herbalife press conference was held in a conference room in the corporate headquarters. Founded in 1980, Herbalife is a successful health nutrition supplement interest with locations in more than 100 nations. Most importantly, however, it has been a committed supporter of Winston-Salem's local economy; a corporate hometown we share.

For this corporate AV rentals job, we provided rental microphones, a mixer, and press box.

We are so pleased to broadcast news of a great business expansion in Winston-Salem, NC. North Carolina has been good to AV Connections, in business here for thirty-one years. We wish our fellow business community members at Herbalife congratulations and continued growth.


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Rental audio visual solutions for Krispy Creme Corporation by AV Connections, Inc.

Posted on July 02, 2015

Rental audio visual solutions

AV Connections, Inc. was happy to provide a professional rental audio visual solution for another business also headquartered in Winston Salem, NC for their Summer marketing campaign launch event. Krispy Kreme has called Winston Salem home since 1937, and their corporate office looked to AV Connections to make sure their entire workforce would be heard loud and clear as they gathered in their auditorium space.

Krispy Kreme University, where this meeting was held, is a conference and training center on the Krispy Kreme campus in Winston-Salem, NC. A center for corporate excellence, it is a daily location for various trainings. On this particular day, a larger group was expected and consequently our large AV set up was needed to be sure the message was effectively communicated to all participants.

We provided a modular system which allowed us to go row by row, seat by seat to make sure the program experience was heard equally well by everyone in the room. Afterwards, a company representative pulled our audio technician aside asking about the details for installing this type of system permanently in their meeting space. We’re absolutely thrilled to hear our services made such a good impression that they’ve decided to implement our system design permanently!

Rental audio visual solutions

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