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A season of beautiful event lighting rentals in NC by AV Connections

Posted on November 27, 2015

lighting rentals in NC lighting rentals in NC

Ask anyone at AV Connections what the magical part of their job is, and they will tell you: Event lighting rentals in NC. We are blessed to be part of hundreds of weddings each year throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with our wedding lighting rental inventory and we never tire of the joy this beauty brings our customers and their guests. We are charged with bringing indoor and outdoor light to many of the South's most treasured locations on the most precious days of a couple's start as a marriage. We're committed to the "for better" part of their vows: They will see beautiful things on the day they are married; perfectly illuminated, and enjoy a great party. We're aware that we're there to help send them off into married life with a great time and even better memories. We take no chances: Not with our lighting rental equipment, and not with our working standards. AV Connections, Inc. maintains a tireless drive of excellence in design and customer service.




lighting rentals in NC lighting rentals in NC


Today, we are sharing with you some of the stunning lighting work we did this fall, all of it magical, all of it for wonderful couples. We were pleased to share in the creative process and in their day. And we are just as proud and humbled to light the great venues of the South for some unforgettable parties and weddings.

lighting rentals in NC  lighting rentals in NC


When you or your event planner is designing your wedding, it's time to contact AV Connections, Inc. and let our standard of excellence be your guiding light through the wedding lighting rental process. We are here to help your marriage get off on the right, stress-free foot!


lighting rentals in NC

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